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Greg PyneMy name is Greg Pyne and I'm a Red Seal licensed plumber from Fredericton NB. I'm currently employed as a Plumbing and Heating instructor in the Canadian Armed Forces and have always been fascinated by the plumbing trade, from my apprenticeship many years ago to now, where I can help my students; and all of you, learn a little about the best construction trade available. Hope you like the site.

Have Plumbing Problems?

At Plumbing Help the goal is to provide you with some vital information so you can decide if a plumbing job is too big for you to accomplish, and also to insure those you hire are doing it correctly.

Although a licensed plumber may be a touch on the expensive side, installing your own plumbing pipes and fixtures incorrectly could end up costing you much more. Leaks could cause damage that can rival a fire for repair costs and improperly vented fixtures could allow toxic gasses to enter your home.

If you decide to tackle a plumbing project on your own and run into trouble, just hop on the help forum and ask for help with your plumbing problems.

Before you Begin

Take your time and make sure you have a plan, the required materials and the proper tools to do the job right. Take a look at the materials section of this site to see a picture and the proper name of all the common materials you may need. Keep in mind that plumbing permits may be required to meet local regulations for some projects, but most repairs or replacement of fixtures will not require a permit. Homeowners are usually able to draw their own permits in most cases, but may require a test of your knowledge and a drawing of the proposed renovation.

I created this site with you in mind so if your reading an article and come across a plumbing term you don't recognize, have a look in the terminology section.  If you have other questions or site related feedback, just use the contact link to get in touch with me.